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Today's Special

Today's Special

Seasonal White Asparagus Lover Menu White Asparagus Soup & Jumbo Lump Crab Meat. price 550 baht.

Poached White asparagus with Onsen Duck Egg in Spicy Mayo. with special price 590 baht.

Grilled White Asparagus, Seared Sirloin Wagyu, Charolais Beef Cheek in Red Wine & Peanut Purée. with special price 1,180 baht.

Enjoy Raw Speciale Gillardeau(France) with Lemon 990 baht/half a dozen.

Large, firm, claire-finished oysters from France’s famed fourth-generation oyster dynasty, which calls itself “the Rolls-Royce of oysters.” The oysters are raised in Normandy or County Cork, Ireland for their first two years, then finished in the salt ponds of Marenne-Oleron. They are so prized that the Gillardeaus recently began laser-engraving their shells to prevent rampant worldwide counterfeiting

Organic Bouchot Mussels direct from France to Chiang Mai. price 650 baht Don't miss! ______________________

Norwegian Fjord Trout. With a tender texture, delicate fresh flavor, and is intensely red in color. Born and bred in the fjords of Western Norway, where fresh glacial water embraces the Arctic currents.

Chef Pathapee recommended Crispy Skinned Fjord Trout with Himalayan Salt and Tangy Lemon accompanied with Ratatouille & Julia Child Style Mashed Potato. price 700 baht ______________________ Reservation is highly recommended. M. 097 970 8947

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